The Smart Way to Acquire New Clients on LinkedIn

Learn how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator the right way and start targeting your ideal clients for more sales success.

According to data from HubSpot, LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps companies to build high-quality pipelines with quicker paths to sales.

In our Sales Navigator Bootcamp, we will train you on how to set up and use Sales Navigator to get effective sales results.

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, sales professionals, teams, and organizations can widen their reach and search far and wide for potential customers.

This sales tool can assist you in your sales process by leveraging the LinkedIn network of individual users and companies.

Meet your Sales Navigator Experts

Peter Hattingh – CEO Styleau

André Beukes – CBDO Styleau

Alex Kroon – Senior Business Development Consultant

Giovanni Mascali – Senior Business Development Consultant

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3 Steps to Success

STEP 1: Setup Sales Navigator

Learn to set up your personal sales navigator for sales success on a continuous basis.

STEP 2: Target your ideal clients

Learn how to comprehensively identify and target your ideal clients with the filter functions in sales navigator

STEP 3: Roll out a Sales Campaign

Develop your first Social Selling campaign with all messages and content and get ready to start selling.

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Most people are frustrated with the results they get on LinkedIn.

Start making better use of your valuable time and get the results you deserve.

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IF your ideal clients are on LinkedIn and you do not know how to find and engage them.

THEN our smart solutions will help you use LinkedIn more effectively.

SO that you can have a constant flow of new clients in your pipeline to grow your sales.

We are an experienced team of international sales professionals with headquarters in Germany.

The Styleau philosophy is to help you identify the right things for your business and then assist, coach and guide you and your team to do these things the right way to grow your business.

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