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3 Steps to Success

STEP 1: LinkedIn Sales Framework

We developed the Linkedn Sales Framework to help you create a professional LinkedIn Sales Profile that communicates a unique sales message in combination with a sales pitch aimed at your ideal clients.

STEP 2: Design Sales Campaign

We design a sales campaign that includes a series of messages aimed at building relationships with new and existing contacts to enable you sending them a targeted call to action based on trust.

STEP 3: Roll out Sales Campaign

We set up the sales campaign and execute the sending out contact requests in a co-ordinated and well-managed process to ensure that your network grows and you get new leads and prospects to grow your business.

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IF your ideal clients are on LinkedIn and you do not know how to find and engage them.

THEN our smart solutions will help you use LinkedIn more effectively.

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We are an experienced team of international sales professionals with headquarters in Germany.

The Styleau philosophy is to help you identify the right things for your business and then assist, coach and guide you and your team to do these things the right way to grow your business.

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